MAY 29 TO JUNE 04, 2023

Summer and all its swimming are fast approaching. To keep pushing back the frightening statistics surrounding drowning, a week of education and awareness of good aquatic practices will take place from May 29 to June 04, 2023 in your Swim Stars pools.

Water safety courses and activities

During the courses, our Swim Stars coaches will emphasize good water safetypractices in theform of specific tests and exercises.

Before and after classes, we organize various activities:

  • S.A.F.E. program presentation every hour
  • Graduation ceremony in the colors of the event at the end of the apprenticeship
  • Colouring workshop


Swim Stars' 0 Drowning Plan: 9 simple safety actions

How does baby learn to swim?

Anti-drowning tips for vacations and all year round?

Frequently asked questions

Faced with the growing number of drownings, it’s our duty to reinforce safety and make children aware of the dangers of the water. That’s why Swim Stars is organizing a water safety week with its swimming lessons, focusing on the right gestures to adopt and learning safety rules before the summer.

The events will take place during the week of May 29 to to June 04 in Swim Stars pools.

The coaches will work on the pedagogy and learning of the students as they do on every course, with the difference that the floating and sinking equipment will be used for fun and educational courses and workshops; their names will be diverted into waste names to raise awareness of the impact of plastic waste, pollution and recycling.

You don’t need to bring any extra equipment, just your usual pool bag (swimsuit, towel, cap, flip-flops)!

Students will take part in workshops and mini-quizzes during and after their session. We invite you to ask them after the lesson what they have learned.

This page is also here to help you and your family exchange ideas throughout the month and beyond: tips, suggestions for solutions to reduce your impact, ideas for workshops, games, definitions and a whole host of useful information to fuel the dialogue at home and all around you.

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