Occasional or regular swimmer, choose the right swimming equipment!

4 December 2019

The right swimming equipment: Swim Stars helps you choose!

To get a good swimming gear, here’s how to get started. Are you an occasional or regular intensive swimmer? In any case, always remember to bring a bathing suit, a hat and goggles.

Choosing your swimming equipment but for …

Which swimsuit?

For men: choice of bathing suit or boxer shorts.

For women: one-piece swimsuit for better support.

Choose resistant materials for a slower wear, and remember to rinse with clear water after each use to avoid chlorine to act badly on the textile. Regular swimmers should choose a 100% chlorine resistant swimsuit.

Pool length

Which bathing cap?

For occasional swimmers, choose a comfortable silicone or fabric cap.

For the regular and intensive swimmers, put the package on the silicone cap to resist the impact of diving starts.

The bathing cap is also a question of style. The boys love the shark hat and the girls love the unicorn hat! As for the grannies, they sometimes prefer the elegance of a sumptuous bonnet full of frills.

We give you a wide range here for the beanie experts.

swimming cap shark

What pool goggles?

For casual swimmers, go for maximum comfort, with a fairly simple adjustment system and a wide field of vision.

For regular and intensive swimmers, choose goggles with a softer nose bridge that will fit your face better and a smaller field of view, they will offer greater stability. The goggles will not move during your turns and also during your dives.

Choose a shade according to the environment in which you swim, a light shade for indoor pools and a dark shade for outdoor pools.

swimming equipment

Choose waterproof glasses!

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