Apprenticeship swimming lessons

Your child learns to swim and acquires the fundamentals: breathing, balance and movement.

Autonomy from age 5

30min course

Small group courses

Coach in the water

Accessible to beginners, the Apprentice course will first make sure your child is safe in the water ( AUTO-RESCUE®program) before developing autonomy and technique.

After learning to save himself, your child learns to swim and acquires the fundamentals: breathing, balance and movement.

Once your child is able to swim 25m unassisted (panic test), he or she can move on to the Perf level!

The Learn-to-Swim course is a continuation of our AUTO-RESCUE® course.

Where can I take a course?

The objectives

  • How to save yourself
  • Balance
  • Rescue
  • Autonomy over 25m
  • Breathing and coordination
  • Ventral displacement
    and dorsal

Swim Stars swimming program

The Swim Stars swimming program is built around 8 key areas of knowledge, enabling all our students to learn swimming and water safety in a structured and coherent way. This program sets out a clear framework, defines objectives by level, and provides information on the skills, aptitudes and knowledge that each student must acquire to ensure safety in and around the water!


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Where to take Apprenticeship courses

Esportiu Rocafort swimming pool, Barcelona


C. de Floridablanca, 41, 08015 Barcelona, Spain






Learn to Swim

Adult Aquaphobia

Adult beginner

The tracking application

Learn-to-swim program for independence in the water

Because your child’s life is not an option.

Drowning is the 1st cause of death by accident of everyday life for people under 25 years old. Children under 6 account for 45% of all cases, and most of them take place in private swimming pools (Santé Publique France figures).

Most drownings are preventable. Among the preventive advice issued by government bodies, teaching children to swim is one of the most important: it’s important to teach them to swim as early as possible.

What are the objectives of the Apprenticeship course?

In all our programs, your child will have fun without any stress.

We target each person’s qualities to reinforce their ability to acquire skills, with the aim of overcoming any fears, challenging themselves and boosting their self-confidence.

After validating their water safety skills, students learn the fundamentals of swimming: breathing, coordination, balance, ventral and dorsal movement (codified strokes excluding butterfly) independently over 25 meters.

The Apprentice level is validated by passing the Anti-Panic Test: jump into the water without equipment, turn over to float on your back, maintain a vertical position with your head above water, swim 25m independently without assistance, cross a water line.

It’s time to move on to the Perf course to perfect your 4 strokes and become a real dolphin!

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