Aquaphobic swimming lessons for adults

Regain your confidence in the aquatic world with a 12-step approach.

Overcoming fear of water from age 16

45min course

Small group courses

Coach in the water

Anti-aquaphobia courses are designed to help teenagers and adults overcome their fear of water and regain confidence in the aquatic world.

This comprehensive learning program is a 12-step approach designed to give you the skills and techniques to learn how to fully enjoy the pleasures of the water.

Then learn to swim on your own with our Adult Beginner courses.

Where can I take a course?

The objectives

  • Familiarization
  • Immersion
  • Breathing
  • Floating
  • Moving

Where to take Aquaphobic courses

Esportiu Rocafort swimming pool, Barcelona


C. de Floridablanca, 41, 08015 Barcelona, Spain






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Adult Aquaphobia

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Aquaphobic adult swimming program to overcome fear of water

The learning program for aquaphobic teenagers and adults is a 12-step approach. It’s designed to help you overcome your fear of water by giving you the confidence, skills and techniques to enjoy the pleasures of the water to the full.
Step by step, you’ll gain confidence and learn the basics of entering the water, controlling your breathing, standing upright, floating and moving through the water.

“Each new movement learned correctly is anchored in the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the muscle memory. This helps to increase your aquatic skills and knowledge, and hence your confidence in the water,” explains Olivier Chazot, founder of Swim Stars and a former top-level lifesaving athlete.

Like most phobias, fear of water (or aquaphobia) is an excessive, persistent anxiety disorder that is beyond a person’s control and often has an impact on their daily life.

Educational swimming program for adults

This comprehensive program focuses on eliminating this fear, with the physical mechanics of swimming being secondary. Its aim is to teach you to relax and control your body in the water in a safe, progressive and stress-free way.

Taught by a Swim Stars coach trained in the pedagogical program, each course is adapted to the specific needs and level of fear of each individual. Once a student has completed one stage, he or she moves on to the next, without any time scale or pressure.

The level is validated by passing the anti-aquaphobia test: enter the water safely, control your breathing and feel comfortable with your head in the water, float on your stomach and back, move from point A to point B without putting your foot on the ground.

Where does aquaphobia come from? Are there any solutions to overcome fear of water?

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