Adult beginners swimming lessons

Learn proper swimming techniques and how to be independent in the water.

Swimming in total autonomy - from age 16

45min course

Small group courses

Not afraid of water, or no longer? Learn to swim with total autonomy, safety and peace of mind, even when you’ve lost your footing!

The course is suitable for absolute beginners who want to learn all the basics of swimming. It can be adapted to each individual’s level thanks to a step-by-step progression.

Once you’ve learned the basics and are comfortable in the deep end of the pool, the Adult Perf classes are for you.

Where can I take a course?

The objectives

  • Endurance
  • Technical
  • Speed
  • Loon
  • Rescue
  • Learning the 4 strokes

Where to take Adult beginner courses

Esportiu Rocafort swimming pool, Barcelona


C. de Floridablanca, 41, 08015 Barcelona, Spain






Learn to Swim

Adult Aquaphobia

Adult beginner

Swim Stars application

Adult beginner program for independent swimming

Although it’s more common to learn to swim as a child, and not always easy to admit that you can’t swim as an adult, it’s completely possible to take the plunge whatever your age!

Fear of ridicule, apprehension, laziness, lack of self-confidence… Taking the plunge can be complicated.

The Beginner adult swimming course is adapted to the needs of each student and requires no pre-requisites.

The environment is friendly, classes are held in very small groups and the coach is in the water with the students.
This level is also suitable for people who need to swim to maintain their back (health sport).

The step-by-step approach means that everyone can learn the basics at their own pace, includinghow to lie down and float, how to propel oneself, how to dive … Once all these stages have been completed, it’s time tolearn the basic swimming strokes and technique.

Progress in swimming in 6 steps

Learning time varies according to starting level, ability, degree of aquatic fluency and the student’s objectives.

Any apprehensions will be lifted as skills are acquired. “Every achievement, no matter how small, is a milestone. It makes you proud, boosts your confidence and makes you happy”, Olivier Chazot, founder of Swim Stars.

Everything is designed to help you learn all the basics of swimming and stimulate your enjoyment and relaxation in the water.

Adult Perf classes are the next logical step in improving your technique.

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